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Solar PV system

Solar cells produce direct current (DC), therefore they are only used for DC equipments. If alternating current (AC) is needed for AC equipments or backup energy is needed, solar photovoltaic systems require other components in addition to solar modules. These components are specially designed to integrate into solar PV system, that is to say they are renewable energy products or energy conservation products and one or more of components may be included depending on type of application. The components of solar photovoltaic system are :

  • Solar Module is the essential component of any solar PV system that converts sunlight directly into DC electricity.
  •  Solar Charge Controller (MPPT / PWM) regulates voltage and current from solar arrays, charges the battery,prevents battery from overcharging and also performs controlled over discharges.
  •  Inverter is a critical component of any solar PV system that converts DC power output of solar arrays into AC for AC appliances.
  •  Batteries for storage of solar electricity.
  •  DC and AC cables.
  •  PV panels supporting structures.
  •  Cable trays.
  •  Energy Meters.
  •  Disconnect switches and fuses.


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