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“EMMVEE has constantly evaluated the market needs and has been offering the best products.EMMVEE offers below products to its customers”

  • High quality components
  • Stable frame construction
  • Efficiency increasing front glass

New names, same quality!

Special customer’s requests and requirements are perfectly met with the custom-module. Thanks to the in-house glass processing unit, there are special shares and custom design possible.


  • 60/72 monocrystalline solar cells with 3 bus bars
  • Performance classes from 250 to 320 Wp
  • Efficiency of up to 16.63%
  • Front glass 3.2 mm Albarino P
  • Frame 35mm


  • 60/72 polycrystalline solar cells with 3 bus bars
  • Performance classes from 240 to 31 0 Wp
  • Efficiency of up to 16.01%
  • Front glass 3.2 mm flat glas
  • Frame 35 mm


  • 48, 60 or 72 poly or monocrystalline solar cells, different dimensions
  • Front glass 3.2 mm
  • Frame 35mm/50mm in silver or black and frame less modules
  • Back Sheet in white, black or transparent color

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