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EMMVEE is the only manufacturer of glass enamel coated tanks of sizes varying from 100 to 3000 litres for solar water heating systems in India. The life time of a glass enameled tank is higher when compared to stainless steel tanks. As shown in the above cross-section of the tank, the additional layer of glass enamel on the steel layer increases the strength of the tank, the resistivity against corrosion and guarantees a highly hygienic water quality for a long time.

3000 LPD Tank

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The 3000 LPD Solar water heating systems has its applications for Industrial purpose for large scale usage. Due to Glass enamel coating, the tank is anti-corrosive thus increasing the strength and hygiene of the system which is evident for Industrial usage.

3000 LPD Glass enamel coated tank

The main benefit of the glass enamel tank is:

  •  Highly resistive to corrosion in water.
  •  Resistive to abrasion which makes it mechanically strong .
  •  Highly resistive to impact of chemicals making the water safer.

With highly skilled and trained manpower and many years of know-how in process of different capacities and size of tanks, our glass enamel tank production reaches the best performance and efficiency. Our manufacturing process is fully automated using equipment from Germany.

Coating Process

Coating process involves three stages: pre-Coating, coating and post-Coating. The processes are very thorough, complex and time consuming, thus ensuring the best outcome.

1. Pre-coating

There are already ten steps to clean the tanks properly. A high qualitative thorough cleaning of the tank before coating takes place. In the first and the second level, the tank is degreased by using degreasing agents. In the third and fourth level, the tank is flushed with water to ensure proper cleaning. In the fifth and sixth level a chemical pickled bath is done for the tanks and again a three levels of water flushing is done. In the tenth level, neutralization is done at a temperature of 60°celsius.

2. Coating

Once the tank is fully clean and ready for coating, the tank is passed through hot air for drying, after which the enamel is flooded at ambient temperature and again, the tanks are passed through hot air for proper drying of the enamel which is in soft condition.

3. Post-coating

  • To ensure adhesion of glass enamel to the base material, which is of mild steel, the tank is passed through a firing process at a temperature of 870? Celsius. This hardens the coating. The tank is then passed through a stringent quality check, leak test and insulation test.
  • The glass enamel coating which is also known as FRIT mix is obtained after 72 hrs of fine grinding. Glass enameled tanks also have a sacrificial anode, which ensures drinkable water quality, by attracting the impurities away from the surrounding water supply, which makes it preferable for hard water use.
  • It meets the high German standards according to DIN 4753 which specifies the requirements for thermal insulation, corrosion protection and manufacturing for closed storage water heaters for drinking water. As of today, there is no specific regulation in India to standardize the above.
  • It brings additional German quality standard to India to ensure the quality of the solar water heating systems and the high hygienic water quality for the benefits of its customers.
  • Glass enameled tanks are eco friendly and do not cause any damage to the ecosystem when disposed due to the organic material used for the production process.

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